SimPatico Subway

We built an extensive role-play subway below SimPatico City. To the right of the entrance you will find the Information Booth with a city map, teleports, and more.

The subway has two sections. The first is the Modern high speed rail section in the center of town. Directly across from the stairs below ground is access to the Game/Media Room.

At the end of the Modern section you will find a secret sex room that the subway police use to interrogate beautiful women they happen to catch in some minor violation.

You will also see a teleport sign to the Old Subway section. Enter at your own risk …. for forced role-play. The old main station area has a variety of forced sex options and a unisex restroom for the really naughty-minded. From that station you can also access several of our city’s underground rooms.

You are all invited to enjoy it anytime – as we did in the pics below.

To visit the old subway section role-play location, click HERE.



Babe, I see those crazy coeds got wasted at the club and missed their train again.

Restroom2_001 Restroom1_001

Forced Role Play fun in the old subway section



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