The Interview

After a discussion one day about the definitive advantages of debauchery, Dee, Traci, and Rob decided to open a boutique brothel called Doves. The building and decor were completed within a few days and it came time to start interviewing prospective escorts. Rob of course volunteered to lead the first interview – a delicious Italian dish named Kim.

Rob eyed the long legged, caramel skinned beauty as she walked over and sat at the corner bar in Doves. She seemed a bit shy at first, perhaps the language difference he thought. But, he quickly concluded that her flirty smile and warm dialect would have definite appeal to the discerning Doves clientele.


“Would you like to see our suites?” he asked after getting some basic information about her experiences.

Her brow arched. She’d been warned that brothel bosses had a reputation for demanding a free sample before hiring. But he seemed nice, and the place was beautifully designed.

“I’d love to,” she responded.


Rob proudly showed her each of the well-decorated rooms his wife had designed, each with a basic color scheme. Kim was impressed, especially with the Blue Room … this was quite an improvement over the garish dives she’d once worked in as an independent escort. Rob grinned as Kim paused by the bed, bending her leg to adjust her heel.  The short leather skirt rode up above her thigh, giving him a brief view of her enticing pink pussy. She knows how to tease, he thought to himself.

“Come over here Kim,” he ordered under his breath.


She smiled back like a naive schoolgirl, then walked over with a wiggle of her small tight ass that said you can have anything you want.

“Undress me,” he ordered under his breath as he gazed down at her ample cleavage.

He watched as she easily undid the buttons on his shirt and neatly folded it over the nearby chair.   Her slender fingers undid the belt to his slacks and slid his zipper down, helped him out of them, and folded them over the chair, careful to align the creases. She stepped back and pretended to fluff her hair as she eyed his toned body. Her dark eyes sparkled.

“Well done Kim,” he offered. “Now undress for me … I like to watch a woman take her clothes off – slowly.” From experience he could tell a woman’s style at fucking, and how good she’d be in bed by the way she undressed.


Kim was sultry, slow, and teasingly pleasing as she undid her top and slid it down her body , letting it fall with a swoosh at her feet.  Her fine French lace bra cupped her soft round tits like a gentle lover. The woman had a fine sense of style, he thought.

She turned her head to one side with a silent look that said, “Do you like what you see so far?”

She then turned her back to him, undid the side zipper on her skirt and slid it down her long legs, bending over for him as she wiggled out of it.


Rob climbed up on the bed and leaned back on the pillows. He watched with anticipation as she came over and crawled up on the bed like a leopard, licking her lips as she hovered over him. He groaned when she raked her long nails along his thighs and slowly sucked his cock into her hot, wet mouth. Her moist lips were tight as a virgin’s cunt around his shaft.


Turned on and anxious to test her deep throat skills, he rolled her over, gripped her thick wavy hair in his hands and rammed his cock down her tight throat. She gagged, but didn’t resist the surprise. Instead she relaxed as she slid her tongue along the base of his shaft, and let his cock swell within her mouth. Her long nails dug into his ass, deeper until he flinched … then held them there as he fucked her face until he exploded in her mouth. He felt her throat tighten as she gulped his cum. He made a mental note to give her extra points on the BJ segment of her interview.


As he finished the mental note, he heard the familiar click click rhythm of heels in the hallway. The light scent of perfume wafted across the room. It was unmistakably Traci’s, a business partner and future Madam of Doves. Evidently she’d come down to observe the final part of the interview.

Kim ignored the lady in the black dress observing them from the far corner of the room and gave Rob a fake pout as if to signal she needed more. “Fuck me Rob, please … I need you to fuck me and make me cum.”

She slid her lithe body down under him and guided his cock into her very wet pussy. He was surprised by the electric silk shock effect on his shaft that sent hot shivers up his spine.


Kim came almost immediately  spurting warm wet juices around his cock. The two then fell back on the silk sheets and fluffy pillows in happy exhaustion.

“I hope I passed,” she giggled … then locked eyes with the woman in black. “I’m bi as well … if your friend over there isn’t quite convinced.”

Rob had visions of both women in his bed when Kim’s cell phone rang.

“I’m so sorry,” she said after taking the call. “I have to go, but can come back if you need more convincing.” She then quickly dressed, ran up the stairs and caught a cab.


Rob started to get up when Traci came over.

“Don’t get up quite yet,” she said with a naughty smile. “I should see how sweet that young thing tastes on you first.”

Rob laid back on the pillows, and closed his eyes as she began to lick him clean …  I think I’m going to like the special perks of this new venture, he thought to himself.

One comment on “The Interview

  1. well written, short but sweet. Robs needs to invest in a good vitamin company to keep his energy and stamina up for the women in his life…lol

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