Demon Invades Dee’s Sleep

Rob glances over at his wife, still sleeping as he finishes getting dressed. Their sun-soaked bedroom darkens as low lying storm clouds role in like smoke from a brush fire. He has a worried look on his face. He doesn’t want to leave her alone after reports of some stranger lurking in the subway, but the book signing event is a big opportunity to promote his new book in New York.

He’d feel better about leaving his wife alone if robo-nanny had delayed her well-earned extended vacation. His wife stirs, moaning softly. He leans down and kisses her on the forehead. “Stay close to home sweetie … promise?”


She nods, eyes barely open. “Have a safe trip babe, I’ll see you tonight.”
Rob brushes back her hair and kisses her again. She rolls over, tired from the late night putting the finishing touches on a decorating project for a client.


Rob bounds down the subway stairs and dashes through the doors as they swish close behind him. He grabs the only empty seat beside a lovely brunette with her eyes glued to her iPad . She glances over and shoots him a tight lipped smile.
“Heading for the city?” she asks while brushing back her long wavy hair.
“Yes, a book signing.”
“I thought I recognized you,” she responded while turning her iPad to show him the book she was reading. “I can’t put it down.”
Rob’s ego swells as he sits back to enjoy the long ride.

Back in their small town, his wife is still asleep while the dark clouds have nearly blanked out the morning sun. Lightening crackles and hits the metal railing on the subway entrance in the town square. Dragon breath-like smoke billows up through the subway opening and spreads across the square like an Irish winter morning fog.

Click … click … click … the sound of horse hooves trotting on concrete steps. Silver horns slip through the thick gray mist, followed by their owner – a dark blue demon with a partial beard and barreled chest. His bent hooves click louder on the pavement as he makes a straight line for the home of the lovely Mayor and her hard-working husband, the writer.


Deelylaah kicks off the covers in her sleep, the room suddenly hot as a mid-summer night. The demon pauses by the doorway then approaches her bed as she slips back into her tired sleep. The demon’s red eyes are locked like a hungry hawk on her naked body stretched out on top the wrinkled covers. The demon licks his black lips, wanting to devour those beautiful large breasts and round brown nipples. He comes closer; his enormous blue-steel body poised by her bedside. Her curvy body looks so small and fragile by comparison.


She stirs, and screams at the nightmare she is having in her sleep. The demon slips his long thick tongue into her open mouth and tastes her sweetness. His long curved horns are locked around her like bars on a cage. He slips his cock-sized forefinger inside her pussy as her stifled scream turns to a soft moan.


The demon’s saliva is like a drug … keeping her in a deep sensual sleep that he now controls. He rakes his long nails over her breasts, down her flat belly, tracing a thin line of blood along the inside her thighs. He slips his snakelike tongue from her mouth and licks up the trail of blood. The hungry demon sniffs the fragrant female musk of her divine cunt, and then swings up on the bed to hunch on all fours like a beast as he bends over to savor the sleeping soul he is about to take.

He spreads open her long lean legs, and turns his head down to watch his massive dark blue cock slide into her wet slit. His thick head stretches her lips as she struggles in her demon-drug induced sleep. But her struggle only excites him all the more. He drives his demon cock deep into her womb and begins to fuck her hard.



Rob comes home late that evening, his wife sill in bed, still sleeping like the dead on top of the covers. He notices the scratches on her beautiful body. His heart races as he climbs up on the bed make sure she is still breathing. He shakes her shoulders but she won’t waken. In a panic he punches in 911 to call for an ambulance. He holds her close until the ambulance arrives. “Please baby … please hold on,” he whispers under his breath.


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