We offer the latest rides in our city and in the mainland park area.

Cars, motor scooter, skateboard and bicycles are located in our parking lot and around the city.  ((Only the ones in the Parking Lot are available for driving by anyone)). They are the latest mesh models from  Haru Motors that are easy to drive, automatically attaching and detaching a driving HUD. ** PLEASE place the cars back in DISPLAY mode when done.

Our Mainland Park has a rezzer for kayaks, pedal boat, row boat, and other water rides by the boat docks. Click HERE to go to the boat dock.

There is also a beautifully detailed 100 prim mesh SEX CAR in the parking lot. It has long playing, smooth motion poses and an extensive menu. Click HERE to go to the Parking Lot.

Car1_001 Car2_001

All these can be driven by anyone, except the police car. The black sports car has an extensive cuddles/sex menu with long running, smooth animations.
Cars in Lot_001

How about a new Beemer for your birthday sweetie? You like purple?
Car BMW_001

Mainland Dock1_001

Mainland Dock2_001

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