Urban Loft Skybox

This urban loft skybox is located in a private area 1200m above SimPatico. It is fully furnished with beautifully detailed mesh items including modern, full featured sex bed, living room, and bath (no poseballs on anything). Texture changeable furnishings alone worth over $10,000 L!

You may replace anything with your own and get extra prim credits. Or contact us for other styles that we may have in inventory. You are allocated 50 additional prims for your own use. More are available for a fee.

You have shared access to our parkland space on the mainland with its 2000+ prims of landscaping, animals, dock, bridges, romantic blankets, pagoda, pond, hot springs sex bath, rezzable water rides (on boat dock), rezzable horses (saddle by barn), and much more!

You also have full access to SimPatico City and monthly use of any club for your own event upon request.

Price – $300 per week. Rent is paid on your premises at the green box in stairwell area.

We can rez copies of this model and modify the furnishing textures to your style. We can also put up different art from any selection you see in our SimPatico City builds, or you may place your own.

To visit and take a look at the open model, click on Urban Skybox SURL

Skybox B2_001

Skybox B1_001

Skybox B3_001 Skybox B5_001

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