Renter Guidelines

Our Goal

Provide the highest quality experience at a reasonable price. Below are a few basic guidelines to preserve that experience for all. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact either of us:

  • Technical or building issues: RobWriter Starship
  • Furniture & Decor: Deelylaah Starship

Renter Guidelines

  1. You and your guests are allowed to visit all areas of SimPatico City and the Mainland Park to use the games, beds, rezzable rides, movies, etc. The only area off limits is our personal home in the city.
  2. You may have one friend share you home full time, but please register them with Rob so we can track their prim usage and they can set a home point here.
  3. If you need a security system for your home, please contact Rob. If you need someone banned contact either of us.
  4. You may rez your own boat, car, bike, etc. up to 32 prims to enjoy without counting against your prims IF you take it in after the ride. We also offer many rezzable rides in the Community Center and on the Mainland Dock. Horses are rezzable by sitting on the saddle by the barn. We are always open to additional suggestions!
  5. You have free use once per month of any themed area for a party for up to 30 avatars by scheduling through us.
  6. No Temp Rez items without Rob’s review – they can cause a high degree of localized lag, especially when combined with mesh surroundings.
  7. Pets are allowed with some limits. The animals we have around are very low script and prim count (1-10 prims each) usage. Note the designer or contact us if you’d like a LM for their store.
    ** Zooby pets are fun and more interactive, but if left to walk about do consume same script count as an average avatar. For that reason we must limit Zooby pets to one per renter, and ask that you consider parking them when you are away.
    ** Also a Zooby set too low to the ground on a platform will cause extremely high collisions and lag, so make sure they are set well above the platform surface when they walk around.
  8. We are a premium region and can handle a large number of avatars with normal HUDs (sex, dance, walk, etc.) Some complex HUDs however can consume same script count as 5-10 avatars. We want you and your guests to enjoy your experience and don’t ban or limit the HUDs like some places do. However please wear them only when you plan to use them.  See below for more on this issue.

Our Commitment

  • Maintain the highest quality environment with the latest furnishings and toys. We re-invest all rent back into the sim.
  • Monitor and maintain good overall region performance. This a Premium Level SL region and can support up to 40 avatars when guidelines are followed. When LAG is region wide, we will restart the region and contact Linden Labs when required.

Personal Performance Factors

LAG Factors – In our experience, most LAG is due to factors of one’s own PC graphics board, web access, or browser settings. One good guideline in complex sims (with lots of prims – our city platform is an example) is to lower your draw distance to about 100m and avoid use of the Ultra setting if you have an issue.


After significant tuning of our sim and benchmarking with different viewers (and comparing in other sims), we found that Firestorm does not handle mesh well. Cool Viewer performed over 200% better and resolved any slow rez situations more quickly. With Cool Viewer (on our high end PCs) we routinely get 20-60 FPS now.

Avatar Attachments – Click HERE for a free tool that will list your resource usage relative to others in the sim if you want to rez the tool and check yours on occasion. In our sim, the MS delay count usually ranges from 0.05 to 0.25 for an avatar with normal HUDs and clothing. Special HUDs will have a higher count and maybe cause you and others lag if above 0.50 ms, so please use only when needed. Note – sometimes SL or our Sim has issues and your count may double what it is normally. Contact us if that happens, as we may need to restart the region.

PC and Browser – Below are two useful web links on improving your personal resources and browser performance.

In addition, the Firestorm and SL Viewers have an Advanced tab with a useful statistics monitor to help you when you encounter lag. It also has new options to tune your performance.  Contact Rob if you’d like some help. One note though: laptops prior to 2012 have limited graphics power for browser graphics settings above Medium. The High setting does improve the visual experience  but requires an adequate PC. Desktop PCs can be upgraded rather inexpensively now with powerful graphics cards. If you buy a new one, look for one with a graphics board above 1 gb.

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